Erfahrungsbericht zum IAS-Programm von Jan Lammerding

Erfahrungsbericht zum IAS-Programm von Dieter Ulber

Eichhörnchen (90kb)

Dear Dartmouth,

The spirit is far from where I come,

where I will go.

It´s here on the hill where the squirrels play,

where red leaves lay.

Most of them unwritten, their future unspelled.

They grow breathing the fresh change,

their enchantement among themselves.

They know who knows, they got problems.

They know their fate, admit and accept,

Live what they won´t get

anywhere else.

Remembering with delight at the turn of the century,

The 00´s at their side, escaping from time,

Flying at night, they look into green eyes

and say: " I love you ! "

D.U., Dartmouth College 4/16/97